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France's natural energy science and technology series:
The French red raisins cells- secret of youth Burgundy Burgundy region, the origin, produced the highest quality red grapes, this unique varieties of medicinal value, rather than to let the wine. Burgundy (Burgundy French: Bourgogne) is located at central France, covering an area of 31,582 square kilometers and a population of 1.63 million. It is a famous French wine-producing region, one of the most fertile and most abundant grape producing areas of France, with a huge number of good winery. UV radiation is the most important factor for face aging, which produces toxins and oxidants in the skin, directly affect the sensitive cells in the epidermal stem cells. Therefore, the protection and repair of epidermal stem cells from ultraviolet rays is very important. France AVANTIA is the active natural raisins cell pioneer, using revolutionary technology to extract effective against ultraviolet radiation, and clinical studies have shown that this unique the red raisins cell DNA has the effect of self-regeneration, repair of human epidermal stem cells, potent confrontation the radicals induced skin erythema, spots, wrinkles ... and so on.