About us

Company Profile

Avantia is special agent of European quality skin care brands. It has more than ten years the European beauty industry procurement experience and unique vision of market promotion planning. With 20 years of beauty experience in sales training, the professional team has won the confidence and support from the three major European manufacturers and a partnership is established. In 2011, it introduced the quality beauty care products and equipment brands with high technology and cutting edge research in France .

Strong Pre-sale Publicity

France AVANTIA raisins cellular energy series, started pre-sale publicity activities in big cities such as Hong Kong , China and the United States in 2011, including: online information dissemination, promotional mailings, and advertisement on trains, buses, railway, newspapers magazines and TV commercials.

Spirit of Enterprise

"Health, wealth and happiness" has become a valuable spiritual beauty industry. Our mission is to use superior architecture, interactive sharing, and the concept of long-term cooperation, to improve the quality of the business and move forward together to create a better future.

Professional Philosophy

"Hiromi Beauty classrooms Bio-magic Beauty Technique" is formed by more than 20 years of senior mentors, which is also an excellent education frontline platform that can effectively enhance beautician’s technology, craftsmanship to the international level. In the future, it would also create medical cosmetic seminar certificate courses to enhance the beauty wisdom to make you and your company becomes more competitive in the market.

Social Responsibility

We would focus on corporate commitment and ongoing compliance with the moral standards, to contribute to the economic development, and to sale the customers at a reasonable price. With an open mind to accept the opinions so as to improve ourselves, and thus we can cultivate excellent talents to contribute to the community.

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